The Batavia – Abrolhos Adventure:

Day 1

6:00am           Walk on beachCrayfish

7:00am           Breakfast at a local café

9.00am           Geraldton Visitor Centre

9:30am           The Esplanade

10:30am         HMAS Sydney II Memorial Tour

11:30am         Museum of Geraldton Highlights Tour

12:30pm         Fish and Chips on the Foreshore

1:30pm           St Francis Xavier Cathedral

                       (open to the public if no service is on)

2:30pm           Enjoy a walk along the Geraldton Heritage Trail or shopping streets

4:00pm           Have a rest at your accommodation, a swim in the ocean, or a relaxing cup of coffee

6:00pm           Pre-dinner drinks

6:30pm           Dinner

Day 2

7:00am           BreakfastAbrolhos Islands

8:45am           Arrive at the Geraldton Airport

9:00am           Fly to the Abrolhos Islands for the day

4:30pm           Take a rest in your accommodation

6:00pm           Pre-dinner drinks

6:30pm           Dinner

8:30pm           Catch a late movie

Day 3

7:00am           Walk along the Foreshore including Batavia Park and Ilgarrijiri

8:00am           Breakfast

9:00am           Drive to Point Moore to the see the tallest ‘metal’ lighthouse in Australia

10:00am         Take a tour of the lobster factory (check with Geraldton Visitor Centre for seasons) or wander around the Fisherman’s Wharf or take a leisurely walk around Point Moore and a swim at Pages Beach.

11:00am         Time to return to the Museum of Geraldton to see the rest of the museum, and the marina with the longboat replica

12:30pm         Lunch at a local café for bagels, high tea or gourmet jaffles

2:00pm           Go on a tour of the Victoria District Hospital and Old Gaol (Tues and Thurs) or do a self-guided walk and visit the ‘shops’ housed in the cells of the gaolWA Museum and Marina

4:00pm           Take an afternoon swim, laze on the beach or treat yourself to another coffee, it’s time to unwind

6:00pm           Pre-dinner drinks

6:30pm           Dinner