Your guide to the Coral Coast in the wake of Cyclone Seroja

Published on Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 2:33:56 PM

Planning an adventure north but aren’t sure what you can see and do in the wake of Cyclone Seroja?

Here’s what you need to know when accessing the Australia’s Coral Coast during this time:

Abrolhos Islands

  • The Abrolhos Islands are open. Experience paradise right off the Geraldton coastline by a quick flight or boat ride.


  • Carnarvon operations have resumed and the town is up and running.
  • A clean-up is underway as are road inspections.
  • North West Coastal Highway in this area is currently undergoing utility works meaning there are speed reductions in place.
  • One Mile Jetty remains closed to the public after suffering much damage.

Dongara/Port Denison

  • The place with two towns is open for business.
  • The coastal town’s power and communication lines are up and running with much of Cyclone Seroja bypassing Dongara Port Denison.
  • Fuel is available at petrol stations and supermarkets have plenty of fresh food.


  • Cyclone Seroja did not impact Exmouth, however some roads surrounding it were impacted.
  • The Minilya Bridge Rest Area is closed due to flood damage and road maintenance works are currently in place.


  • All accommodation providers, cafes and restaurants, retailers and tourism operators are up and running and eager to welcome people.
  • Power has been restored throughout Geraldton and fuel is available at petrol stations.
  • Communication lines have been restored but some suburbs are still impacted.

Hutt Lagoon

  • Hutt Lagoon is accessible via Port Gregory Road and parts of George Grey Drive.
  • Visitors are encouraged to be extra careful on the roads from the heavy rainfall and fallen objects.

Jurien Bay

  • Cyclone Seroja did not impact Jurien Bay and the town has full power, communication and food supplies.
  • All roads leading in and out of Jurien Bay are open.


  • As many would have now heard, the beautiful town of Kalbarri has been hit hard by Cyclone Seroja.
  • The town site still has no power or fuel, and only residents are able to come and go during this time.
  • Communication in parts of Kalbarri is also still unavailable.
  • The Kalbarri National Park, including the popular Skywalk, is closed for the foreseeable future.
  • Many accommodation providers and tourism operators are providing refunds for existing bookings. Please be patient during this time as they work through the devastation and consider visiting in the future.
  • It is recommended that travellers do not try to visit Kalbarri during this time.


  • Cyclone Seroja has hit Northampton hard and the town still has no power.
  • Fuel and food supplies are limited as are communications.

Port Gregory

  • The sleepy town of Port Gregory still has no power and limited petrol.
  • Communications are still down.
  • The town is accessible however resources are limited during this time.
  • It is recommended that travellers do not visit Port Gregory during this time.

Shark Bay

  • Shark Bay is open and has power, communications and fuel supplies.
  • The Useless Loop Road has been reopened, however Steep Point Road remains closed until further notice.
  • During this time there is also no access to Dirk Hartog Island or Steep Point.
  • The Walkway at Hamelin Pool over the Stromatolites is currently closed due to damage from Cyclone Seroja.
  • Camping is still available in Shark Bay and accommodation providers as well as cafes and restaurants are back up and running.

As always, please be careful when driving along the Australia’s Coral Coast.

Some roads have been impacted which will require drivers to either slow down or take detours. If you are unsure about road conditions, check in with the Local Government Authority or Visitor Centres via their website or a phone call.  

For more information on what roads are currently open and closed, you can also refer to MainRoads website by clicking here.

There is still plenty to experience and enjoy along the stretch, and we look forward to welcoming you to our town!  

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