Fathoming the Abrolhos: An Underwater Exploration

Past Event

Known for its crystal blue waters and an abundance of sea life the Houtman Abrolhos islands are located off the coast of Geraldton. Come and explore stunning photographs by local photographer and marine advocate, Graeme Gunness.

The Houtman Abrolhos islands are at a crucial juncture where the competing interests of conservation, tourism, commercial fishing, and recreational fishing are being openly debated. This exhibition aims to raise awareness of this diverse, unique, and valuable ecological system in Western Australia.

For local couple Graeme and Ann Gunness, it's more than just an exhibition, it's a shared outcome of a deep love for the Abrolhos Islands. They hope that through efforts like this exhibition, measures can be introduced to ensure the ecology of the Abrolhos islands is maintained for future generations.

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Event Date(s)

  • Saturday 26th February 2022

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