Two Hour Muscle & Fascia Release

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Two Hour Muscle & Fascia Release

Fri 23 Aug 6-8pm

Sat 24 Aug 2-4pm

QEII Community Centre

$75 incl twin set of body rolling balls for you to keep (Value $35)

For two hours you'll be instructed and directed on how to use the balls supplied being of correct density, size and pliability for use on all areas of the body (not lacrosse, golf, tennis balls...!)

We'll make our way through a full global body self massage to release muscle and fascia knots, tension, tightness, increase range of motion (ROM), improve circulation, hydration and nutrient mobility throughout the body, break down scar tissue, relax and free the body to move better.

From top to toe!

This Masterclass is available to every body - everyone with current or past injuries, scar tissue, sports injuries and Range of Motion and postural restrictions...Great for those playing or have played all sports - cycling, golf, running, dance, team sports...

Allow your body to heal itself by carefully, gently and respectfully working each area.

Chairs are available for those unable to lie at floor level.

Exercises are adaptable for all body shapes, needs, abilities – so, available for all.

You'll receive a set of the correct, appropriate, safe balls to use and you can purchase other sizes depending on your needs at below RRP.

Purchase your ticket and then you'll be advised as to what to bring to help enhance your comfort and also show how functional and adaptable the exercises are.

Learn the exercises to safely make use of daily at home, work, travel... to assist your body to be pain free, move freer, healthier and happier.

Book through Eventbrite ($75 includes fees and taxes)

23 Aug 6-8pm

24 Aug 2-4pm

or book directly:

Text (Carmel):  0418 953 668 * *

Event Details

Time: Various

Venue: QEII Centre


Organisation: Bliss You

Phone: 0418 953 668


Event Date(s)

  • Friday 23rd August 2019
  • Saturday 24th August 2019

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