Planted by Dr. Robert Thirkill Foley (b. 1804) in 1853, this tree marks the site of the home of this early pioneer to Champion Bay.

Dr. Robert T. Foley arrived in Fremantle upon the Protector with his wife Elizabeth (nee Hannett) in 1830.  Foley was a Surgeon to the 21st Regiment of Foot. 

In 1849, Foley accompanied the overland team of 15 men, led by A. C. Gregory, who arrived at the Bay to examine the lead ore at what would become the Geraldine Mine. Appointed as Surgeon to the soldiers of the 99th Regiment, Foley became the first Doctor in the district.  From 1857-1861, Foley was the Medical Attendant at the Convict Depot.

Foley established a farm at this site which was 57 acres (23 hectares) (Victoria Loc. 13 & 361), with 2 cottages, orchards, vine yards, a piggery, stables and a lime kiln. 

Dr. Foley passed away in his cottage on 5 June 1868 at the age of 64 years.

More information about Dr. Robert Foley is available from the Geraldton Regional Library or the Geraldton Historical Society Inc.

The interpretative sign was sponsored by the Geraldton Historical Society Inc. and unveiled by historian S.G. Gratte O.A.M. on 17 April 2014.


Dr Foley's Olive Tree