Built on Marine Terrace in 1861 as the official dwelling for the young town of Geraldton's resident magistrate, Charles Symmonds, the Residency was an important venue in the town's social circle in the late 1800s and one of the few beautiful examples of old colonial Georgian, single storey limestone building still standing in Geraldton today.

By the early 1900s the resident magistrate's role in the community was diminished and the residency building was too large for his needs. In July 1925 it was officially open as Geraldton's new maternity home, for which there was much community support.

When the Geraldton Regional Hospital was completed in 1967, the Maternity Home was no longer needed. The "Residency" building became Geraldton's Community Centre from which such services as meals on wheels were made available. In 1972 The Geraldton Cultural Trust requested the use of the residency building as an arts and crafts centre, which was granted by then WA Premier John Tonkin. However the Residency was not handed over to the Cultural Trust until ten years later, in 1982.

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