Baker Williamson Studios

BAKER WILLIAMSON STUDIOS are Jewellers and Watchmakers stemming ‘Five Generations’. Their STUDIO SHOWROOM is conveniently located at the iconic Geraldton Railway Station Building on Chapman Road.

BAKER WILLIAMSON STUDIOS guarantees knowledgeable sound advice on all your watch, clock and jewellery needs with their four tradesmen Gemma Baker (Jeweller and Jewellery Designer), Roy Baker (Jeweller and Watchmaker) Larry Williamson (Master Jeweller, Sculpture) and Leon Baker. .

They are pleased to represent the finest of West Australian Argyle and Kimberly Diamonds, Abrolhos, Shark Bay and Broome Pearls. They also offer Tahitian and Indonesian Pearls and South African Diamonds. Their handmade clocks feature Australian Hardwoods with the finest Swiss and German movements.

Australian Fauna and Flora features prominent throughout their works and their feature Jewellers and Artists. You will see throughout their Jewellery and Art Object Collections materials like Titanium, Black Coral, Hand Carved Soft Stones and Hardwoods, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, Rondels and Beads, Mother of Pearl, Natural Keshi Pearls, textile techniques as French Knitting Fine Silver and 18ct Gold. They are able to refine and alloy precious metals and work with Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Their inspiration is drawn from the picturesque Chapman Valley and its surrounding undulating hills and spectacular wildflowers which are connected to the magical Coral Coast and all the natural resources from within this wonderful State and Country.


Old Railway Station building, suite 1, 65 Chapman Road, Geraldton W.A. 6530


9921 7776


Contact Person:

Gemma Baker

 Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 1pm, Sunday 8am to 12pm