Place Road Pet & Aquarium Centre


Place road Pet and Aquarium Centre is Geraldton's only locally owned comprehensive pet and aquarium centre. Pets are our thing and we do it well. With the help of Fiona and our friendly experienced staff, we can provide you with almost any kind of pet and all their needs. We sell all the usual pets such as kittens, puppies, fish and birds but we also have snakes, turtles, frogs, exotic birds, marine fish and corals along with crazy crabs, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs rats and mice. A visit to our store on Place road to purchase your pet needs will also provide the opportunity to check out the many pets and birds that belong to Fiona (these ones are not for sale) such as the fluffy eared English Angora rabbits, the reptiles, 'Gypsy' the blue and gold macaw and 'Charlie' the resident clown (Sulphur Crested Cockatoo) to name a few, as well as some rare and endangered Australian birds that you would probably never see in the wild. Not quite a zoo - but almost, and you are free to wander around with the children to have a look. Place Road Pets supplies premium dog and cat foods such as Eukanuga, IAMS, Advance, Hills, Royal Canin and the popular Tucker Time Dog rolls. Of course we also have everything you need to be able to feed your pet with many types and sizes of bowls and dishes. If your pet is in need of bedding, we have it all here, kennels, mats, beds, rugs, coats as well as lots of other accessories like collars (some with some real bling), leads, shampoos, conditioners and grooming needs. Flea and tick control is very important for all pets and we can supply you with Frontline, Advantage, Advocate and Revolution for all sizes and breeds. Poultry is not left out at Place Road Pets, we have a wide range of chooks and ducks and all the poultry feed you will need. Our range of aquariums is huge - whether you want to house goldfish, tropical or marine fish, turtles or frogs, we can provide you with everything or if you don't like the idea of tanks, we have a range of ponds from Universal Rocks, pond plants and pumps to set up your outside pond. We have years of experience and are willing to share this experience with you to give your pet the best.


233 Place Road Webberton Geraldton W.A. 6530


Aust: (08) 9921 2979 Int: +618 9921 2979


0419 250 371


Aust: (08) 9921 7944 Int: +618 9921 7944


Contact Person:

Fiona Sharp

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday 8.30 to 5pm, Sunday 9am to 4pm