Online Form - 2019/20 Membership Form

Being a member of the Geraldton Visitor Centre gives businesses the opportunity to be at the forefront of our activities. We are committed to promoting your business by working with you.

We provide a range of membership levels designed to allow your business to choose the best level to suit your needs and budget.

Membership categories include Gold, Silver and Bronze. All rates are inclusive of GST. We also offer five (5) Cooperative Marketing Partnerships in the categories of Accommodation; Car Rental; Tour Operator; Food and Beverage and Retail.

Our Gold, Silver and Bronze membership benefits are listed below:





24/7 Bookable listing on

Member website listing (non bookable products)

Discounted advertising in the Geraldton Visitor Guide

In-house DL brochure display (x1)

DL brochure display at Geraldton Airport

Priority recommendation above non-member products, events and services

Friendly knowledgeable staff promoting your business

Representation at consumer and trade shows


Invitations to tourism networking breakfasts (four per year)

Opportunity to promote special events; offers and functions in "what's on"

Staff familiarisations of your business to ensure upselling of your product



Discounted advertising in the Geraldton Visitor Map



Subscription to member e-newsletter (four per year)



Opportunity to be promoted through Visit Geraldton consumer social media channels

Use of the Visit Geraldton image library

Use of Geraldton Take a Fresh Look logo


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Invoicing and Payment

Membership applications will only be processed by the Geraldton Visitor Centre once all relevant paperwork has been submitted. Invoices are issued by the City of Greater Geraldton upon processing of your complete application. Membership fees must be paid to the City of Greater Geraldton (full payment details provided with your invoice).

Terms and Conditions of Membership

By signing a Geraldton Visitor Centre Membership Prospectus, applicants acknowledge that they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions as specified below:

Membership and Duration

  • Membership fees are valid from 01 July – 30 June each financial year.
  • The Geraldton Visitor Centre and City of Greater Geraldton has the right to accept/decline membership.
  • Any debtors with accounts overdue by 30+ days will have their membership benefits withdrawn until such time as outstanding debt is settled.
  • Membership fees and benefits are not transferable or refundable.

Code of Conduct

The Geraldton Visitor Centre’s (GVC) Code of Conduct outlines professional guidelines for its members to follow in order to enhance tourism in the region.

Members are expected to:

  • Act professionally with the highest level of care and consideration towards other GVC members, customers, staff, management and the community.
  • Deliver all advertised products and services with integrity and honesty, and meet all legal responsibilities including trading only under a registered business name or as an incorporated company.
  • Meet the reasonable expectations of all customers to the best of their ability and in doing so reserve the right to change its goods and services to meet expectations of its customers.
  • Comply with the laws of Australia and to ensure that all terms of business are clear, concise and honoured in full and all dealings are ethical and fair.
  • Advise customers at the time of the initial booking of any cancellation policies or additional service charges that may be imposed.
  • Refrain from using terminology on their webpages that discourage bookings made through the GVC.
  • Ensure all claims in advertising and marketing of products or services are true (including imagery) and are not misleading or negative about another member’s product or service.
  • Ensure they operate a safe and healthy working environment for staff, customers and the public.
  • Act as ambassadors for tourism in the Greater Geraldton region and help promote community understanding of the importance of tourism as an important contributor to the region’s economy and quality of life.
  • Be respectful of one another and conduct their respective businesses in a spirit of cooperation and understanding.
  • Strive to be fair and objective when asked for information about another member’s service and not disparage the services offered by another member.
  • Have complaints about the GVC, management or staff dealt with in an appropriate manner. In the first instance dealing directly with either GVC management or CGG, whereupon any complaint will be dealt with promptly.
  • Carry appropriate public liability insurance and hold all necessary business registrations and licenses applicable to their business.
  • Respond and resolve customer complaints in a timely manner and change their business processes and policies when necessary.
  • For tour and accommodation providers: to adhere to the GVC ‘Booking Service Terms and Conditions’.

Breach of the Code of Conduct may result in cancellation of membership.

Agreement and Warranty

I agree and warrant that I have and/or will obtain and maintain the currency of the following during my membership of the Geraldton Visitor Centre (GVC):

  1. A Certificate of Registration of Business Name (if not trading under the company’s name or the exact name of a sole trader).
  2. Public Liability Insurance.
  3. A Certificate of Incorporation of Proprietary Company (if trading via a company).
  4. All necessary permits, authorities and approvals required to conduct my business e.g. Commonwealth licenses, State licenses, Council Approvals, Health Department Permits, appropriate vehicle licenses, CASA licenses and registrations, other Government approvals.

I undertake to notify the GVC immediately if any of the above applicable certificates, permits, licenses etc. are cancelled, expire or otherwise become inoperative during my membership of GVC. I undertake to notify the GVC immediately if the ownership of my business changes during my membership of GVC. I recognise that the Membership Application Form is a formal application and that I will be bound by this Agreement and Warranty. By signing the Membership Application Form, I confirm that I have read and will abide by the GVC Code of Conduct and the GVC Booking Service Terms and Conditions. If signed on behalf of a company: I warrant that I am an authorised signatory with authority to enter into legal obligations on behalf of the company.

Indemnity and release

I acknowledge the Geraldton Visitor Centre (GVC) (and its officers, employees, agents and contractors) will not be responsible for any loss or damage to my products or brochures due to circumstances beyond GVC’s control. I agree to fully indemnify the City of Greater Geraldton (and its officers, employees, agents and contractors) against any and all liability, loss, damage or costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) incurred, arising from, or in connection with, any of the following:

  1. Any breach by me of the warranties contained in the Membership Terms and Conditions. Any information or details provided by me to the GVC or the public about any accommodation, tours, products or services.
  2. Any confirmed bookings made through the GVC that are subsequently not fulfilled by me due to sale of business, overbooking, or unforeseen circumstances such as damage or natural disasters.
  3. Any persons who stay at my accommodation, participate in my tours or use any of my products or services. I agree to release the Geraldton Visitor Centre (GVC) from any claim for, and agree that the GVC is not liable for, any damage, loss or injury whatsoever to me arising from, and costs incurred in connection with:
  4. The use of the visitgeraldton website, GVC’s booking services or other membership benefits; or
  5. The visitgeraldton website being interrupted, unavailable or not working properly.
  6. I agree that to the maximum extent permitted by law the GVC will not be liable in any circumstances for any interruption to my business and/or any loss of profits, loss of data or any consequential or indirect losses suffered or incurred by me.

Booking Service Terms and Conditions

The Geraldton Visitor Centre (GVC) offers free booking services to its visitors for accommodation and tours. A fee for this service is passed to the members at a commissionable rate which, while increasing revenue for a member, also assists the Visitor Centre in ensuring the service remains viable.


Bookings are made using our online booking system ‘Bookeasy’. Members requiring Bookeasy access will receive:

  • A free training session to familiarise themselves with the Bookeasy online reservation system;
  • A username and password to login to the Bookeasy administrative console within the GVC website;
  • Display of photos on the bookings web page and one picture under general search results list;
  • Access to online bookings, full reservation details, net pay, member’s discussion board, etc.
  • All tour and accommodation bookings incur a 12% commission (15% commission for those outside the Australia's Coral Coast region). Payments to operators are made by direct credit in the week where the product has been consumed.
  • Operators/organisations must have adequate Public Liability Insurance and all relevant Council and other authority approvals and licences for the operation of their business. Copies of those documents must be supplied with the application for membership. GVC is more than happy to photocopy your paperwork at the Centre.

Cancellation Policy

Operators/organisations who take bookings from visitors for services must have a cancellation policy including the circumstances under which refunds due to cancellation are made.  Promotion of the operator will cease immediately if it is found that these requirements have not been met or policies not adhered to and no refund of fees will be payable. Regardless of the member’s cancellation policy GVC charges $36.75 for all booking amendments and cancellations. The GVC is the administrator of all bookings. If a booking needs to be cancelled the client will need to contact GVC directly.

Complaints and Grievances

Any complaints about a member’s business the GVC receives will be forwarded to the operator. It is the operator’s responsibility to handle any complaint that may arise in an appropriate and timely manner. This includes notifying the GVC of the outcome/s achieved. The GVC reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership if a complaint is not adequately addressed.

GVC retains the right to refuse, remove or cease promotion, without notice, of any operator who acts in a manner considered unprofessional, or that would potentially bring the operations of the GVC into question or disrepute, or is considered to be posing public safety or liability concern, or advertises information that is believed to be misleading, inappropriate, offensive, deceptive, not current or outside of the agreed service provision.

Operator confirmation options

The Booking Service System provides operators with two reservation confirmation options:

  • Instant confirmation (Gold Operator): Operators guarantee online availability/rate and therefore the reservation. To avoid double bookings it is strongly recommended that operators taking direct bookings immediately update their availability on their console. The operator is responsible for any double booking and is required to find alternative accommodation and accept any additional associated costs.
  • 24 hour Booking Confirmation: Operators have up to 24hours to confirm/cancel a reservation requested through the Booking Service. Only once the reservation request is confirmed can the customer pay. This option is not available if you are using a Channel manager.


Rates published online for bookable products must be commissionable and correct. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure rates showing on Bookeasy are accurate at all times. Should online rates be inaccurate, the operator must honour all published Bookeasy rates.  Should you use a Channel Manager it is suggested that you link it to Bookeasy so that they can be updated automatically.

Rate parity

The rates published by the operator on Bookeasy must include commission and be consistent with all advertising and distribution channels. Rate parity ensures your integrity as well as maintaining a good working relationship with all your distribution channels.

Booking payment issues

The GVC booking system is provided to members with their understanding and acceptance that should any issue arise due to fraudulent, incomplete, late or non-payment for bookings; the member is solely responsible for all actions associated with the disputed payment.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions: *