Seabirds, Sea Lions and More - A Marine Playground

Bird Life

The islands are among Australia’s most important sites for breeding seabirds such as noddies shearwaters and terns. Over two million birds from 35 species breed on the islands.



The islands mark the northern most habitats of the Australian Sea Lion. Once abundant, they are now classified as a ‘vulnerable species’. Other mammals include the Tammar wallaby and bush rat, as well as dolphins and migrating whales.


There are 26 terrestrial species of reptiles, many endemic to the Abrolhos. These include skinks, geckos, snakes and the marine green turtle.

Sea Life

There is an abundance of sea life at the Abrolhos including fish species of baldchin groper, coral trout, and dhufish, as well as shark species, coral, seagrasses and more.


There are over 140 species of native flora on the islands and all are classified as protected. These include heath, dwarf shrub land, saltbush and mallee.