How to Access the Islands


All year round flying to the Abrolhos Islands is a spectacular adventure. From the air you have views of Geraldton before heading over the Indian Ocean. Keep your eye out for cargo boats, fishing vessels, sharks and in the right season whales migrating. Appreciate just how many islands there are as you make your way over the three major groups before landing on East Wallabi. On your trip home see where the Batavia was shipwrecked. For tour information contact the Geraldton Visitor Centre or click back to our Home Page and book a flight under Tours!

Charter Boat

What better way to relax than on one of the charter boats that visit the islands. It may be an overnight trip, a 3-5 day fishing trip, 3 or 5 day Islands Tour or 9 day Discovery Tour. Contact the Geraldton Visitor Centre for information on minimum numbers and calendar of trips.