Wind + Water

Geraldton and the Midwest has some of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions in the world. More often than not, over the summer months it's offshore in the morning providing fun surfing or swimming conditions before the sea breeze comes in early in the afternoon.

The seabreeze is often 15 – 30 knots and incredibly consistent until dark allowing you to enjoy most of, if not the entire day on the water. Along the coastline there are numerous locations for all levels that provide world-class conditions for beginning, flat water cruising, slalom/speed sailing, freestyle or wavesailing.

Being located right in the middle of every other spot on the West Australian coastline (such as Margaret River in the South and Gnaraloo in the North), Geraldton is the perfect place to base yourself and follow the forecast!

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Best beaches for water sports

Coronation Beach

Renowned for its consistent wind, super smooth water and large span of waves, Coronation Beach is one of the most unique places to windsurf or kitesurf in the state. Coronation Beach caters to all levels of all disciplines, whether you are a complete beginner, someone just looking to have fun or a professional at the top of their game. It is regarded as one of the best windsurf jumping locations in the world and is frequently visited by World Champions throughout the warmer months.

Coronation Beach is also a great spot to go for a swim, SUP or dive. It has a sheltered bay which is great for the family and youngsters. Make sure you bring water and food to this secluded spot as it is a short drive from service stations and other outlets.

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Sunset Beach

When there is swell and wind, Sunset Beach is one of the best quality waves for windsurfing in Geraldton. Being a longer, more powerful wave, Sunset Beach suits those who are interested in down the line wavesailing. It can be a great spot to windsurf early or late in the day when the wind is typically a little more offshore.

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Point Moore

Point Moore is a great place to windsurf and blast over the water at speed. Located further out to sea than other windsurfing locations around Geraldton, Point Moore is often a little windier and can catch more swell. If you prefer some serious waveriding then venture out to Hell’s Gate but sail with a buddy. Point Moore has a variety of waves and is also a great spot to go for a SUP, dive or swim.

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Glenfield Beach

Go where the locals go! “Glennies” is a great spot to enjoy all things water and go snorkelling, surfing, fishing, windsurfing and kiteboarding.

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St George's Beach

Located close to the CBD, St. George's Beach is where you'll often see windsurfers tuning their slalom gear over the flat and windy waters. When there is swell, St. George's Beach is also a great place for freestyle and entry in to waves.

St George’s Beach is also very popular for SUPing and kayaking. The reef is quite close to shore making it a beautiful place to enjoy our marine life.

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Best times

Sea breezes are most consistent from November to the end of February, however, it's not uncommon to be windsurfing or kitesurfing regularly from September all the way through to April. During the winter months surfing, fishing and diving become the regular water sports in the region.

Because of our beautiful climate water sports lovers can enjoy SUPing, diving, fishing and swimming year round.

General advice

Windsurfers and kitesurfers visiting WA should consider renting a vehicle in Perth as it can be difficult flying with equipment on regional planes. Renting a vehicle allows you to explore the coastline, windsurf or kitesurf various locations and bring all the equipment you need. 

We also recommend being flexible with your travel plans and following the forecast to find the best location and conditions for your sport. is an invaluable forecasting website with accurate weather conditions. The locals are also super friendly so make sure you have a chat with them as they have invaluable knowledge and expertise.

If you are planning on doing a roadtrip north to enjoy what our coastline has to offer, make sure you stock up on the appropriate supplies before as there a limited spots to refuel, increase water supplies, buy food and rent equipment.

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