Pearls and Plates 2021

Saturday 17th April 2021
(Multiple Dates Between Saturday 17th April 2021 & Sunday 18th April 2021)

This is a unique festival celebrating the Abrolhos life style.

Post Office Island, located in the Southern Group of the Abrolhos, is the setting for your day.

Pearls and Plates is a culinary journey of the freshest WA local produce cooked by celebrity chefs Anna Gare and Guy Jeffreys.

The guests can walk around the lagoon tasting canapé and sipping signature Campari cocktails.

A stunning long table lunch setting will be served overlooking the lagoon on the southern point of the island.

To accompany such a feast, we'll need some seriously smooth tunes, and we're lucky enough to have TILLY KAY and guests bringing her soulful soundscape to Pearls and Plates.

A unique event in the Abrolhos archipelago, that perfectly compliments the island's natural settings.

Discover the natural gems of the sea, LIDDON PEARLS, at the first and only boutique gallery in the Abrolhos Islands and understand the art of culturing pearls.

The award winning WA photographer, Nic Duncan, will present her Abrolhos photographic exhibition and the historic Dutch wreck secrets of Pelsaert Group will be revealed.

Together we will create a sensory feast!

Event Details

Time: 11.30am - 4.30pm

Venue: Post Office Island, Abrolhos Islands

Cost: $250 per person

Event Date(s)

  • Saturday 17th April 2021
  • Sunday 18th April 2021

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