Batavia Longboat Replica

Take a voyage back in time aboard the Batavia Longboat.

On  June 4 1629 a ships longboat sailed among the rocks and reefs of a small group of coral islands on the eastern fringes of the Indian Ocean. She was launched into the surf from the deck of a Dutch East India ship, and she spent the day ferrying crew and passengers ashore. It was the winter and the weather was stormy, but despite that by nightfall almost 180 people had been landed on a tiny island. There they spent a miserable cold wet night.

The islands were in the Abrolhos Archipelago, the ship was the Batavia, and she was wrecked.

The ship's Commandeer, the Captain, and 46 other people sailed the longboat to Batavia (today's Jakarta) for help, but it was 3 months before they returned.

Meanwhile back on the islands a bloody mutiny, led by the ship's second most senior officer, saw over 115 men, women and children murdered.

Experience a little of this maritime history by sailing aboard the replica Longboat, or visiting the display at the Western Australian Museum-Geraldton.

Constructed in 2002 by students of the local technical college the replica now graces the waters of the Batavia Coast Marina in front of the WA Museum-Geraldton.

The Longboat sails most Sundays from in front of the WA Museum – Geraldton, weather permitting.

Sailing is free (donations are welcome) children must be over the age of six and accompanied by an adult.

The longboat is usually dry docked for maintenance through the winter months.

Contact the Visitor Centre for more information.