Universal Access and Inclusion

The City's website has been designed to be accessible and inclusive to all. A wide range of accessibility features have been incorporated into the design. The website is working towards compliance with Level AA Website Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0).

To reference the City's strategies on accessible website design, view our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

Accessibility features on this website

Responsive design

This website is designed to respond to the type of device being used to view and interact with our website to then display in the most effective way. This includes personal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


Changing size of text

There are a Plus / minus signs (++--)to adjust font size which enables you can change the text size within the page.

Colour contrast

High contrast colour scheme to assist users with visual impairments.

Text Layout

Clear and descriptive use of headings and links, with the most important information appearing at the top of the page.

Text Alignment

Left alignment of text and headings

Universal keyboard access

Access to all content on the website using the keyboard only, by pressing the ‘Tab’ key to navigate between links, form fields and interactive components.

Using assistive technologies

Users with disabilities use assistive technology to aid with the use of a Web site and to increase the overall user experience and the ability to complete tasks that would not be achievable otherwise.

As part of the development process this website has been tested using the following technology

  • Screen Readers
  • Text Only Browsers
  • Screen Magnifiers

If you experience any problems using these tools or have any recommendations to improve accessibility using assistive technology please contact us, with your feedback and we'll do our best to make improvements.

Documents in alternative formats

All documents on this website are provided as PDF (Portable Document Format) documents.

Printable pages

Accommodate all website readers by having two versions of every webpage. One which is readable onscreen and one for printing.

Accessibility feedback and/or complaints

If you are having trouble accessing any of the pages or sections within this site, please send an email (including the location of the page you are trying to access) to

Please note that you can also request to acquire any documents available on this website in the following formats

  • printed/hard-copy, or
  • documents to be made available in an alternative format such as a plain text file

Useful documents

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