Experience the outback at Oakabella

Published on Thursday, 12 September 2019 at 10:27:07 AM

For those after for a dose of outback and adventure they needn’t look further than Oakabella Homestead and Tea Rooms. Nestled between Geraldton and Northampton, the historical spot has stunning landscapes and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to stay forever. Their tours are highly recommended, especially if you want to explore the grounds and learn about history and Aboriginal culture in the area.

Homestead tours

Guided tours take you through the original 13 room homestead and outbuildings including the two-storey buttressed barn, which now serves as the Oakabella Homestead Museum. You’ll also learn about when the grounds were established in 1850 to its incarnation as a working farm in the present day.

Oakabella Homestead

Outback campfire bush tour and dinner

Experience culture and the outback on this unique three and a half hour tour as you walk around the Oakabella Gorge at sunset, learning about local bush tucker in the area. After you’ve stretched your legs around the grounds, join the crew feeding baby animals and learning how to find Wolf Spiders at night.

Around the campfire you’ll learn how to make damper and how to roast marshmallows perfectly, whilst enjoying chats with other participants and the hosts Belinda and Tony. After dinner which includes Kangaroo Stew, listen to Tony play the didgeridoo whilst gazing at the beautiful night sky.

Oakabella Homestead's Bushtucker Tour

Oakabella Homestead is a caravan and camper-friendly location that is also pet friendly. There’s a delicious lunch and dinner menu so be sure to bring your appetite.

More information can be found at http://www.oakabellahomestead.com.au/oakabellas-outback-bush-tour-and-homestead-tour 

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