Cruising Geraldton


Geraldton is a popular cruise destination and it’s no wonder given our chilled-out lifestyle and natural wonders. Cruise ships berth at the Mid West Ports commercial harbour and passengers are greeted by the smiling faces of our Cruise Geraldton Meet and Greet Volunteers.


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Frequently Asked Questions for Cruise Ship Passengers and Crew

Do cruise ships anchor or go into port?

All cruise ships berth in the Geraldton Port with passengers disembarking onto the wharf.

What is the address of Geraldton Port?

Geraldton Port (Mid West Ports Authority) Administration Building is located at 298 Marine Terrace, Geraldton, 6530. 

There is no access to the port by the general public.

How do I get into Geraldton Port?

As Geraldton Port is a secure zone, entry into the Port is prohibited unless you hold a valid security card.

Passengers and crew from the ship are all required to be escorted in and out via shuttle bus provided by the cruise ship.  There is no pedestrian access.

How do passengers get to town?

A shuttle bus collects passengers from the wharf and transfers them to the Passenger Drop-off Area in the CBD.

Where is the Passenger Drop-off Area?

The Passenger Drop-off Area is in the CBD, near Regional Sounds located at 246 Marine Terrace, Geraldton, 6530.

 Welcome Hub and Passengers Drop-Off Area

 How do I meet up with a passenger?

You can meet up with a passenger at the Passenger Drop-off Area.

Scheduled ship arrival times can be seen on the online cruise schedule Cruising Geraldton » Visit Geraldton, though changes to published times can occur. Disembarkation times vary but usually begin around the scheduled arrival time.

I have booked a tour via the ship, where do I go?

The ship will coordinate your transfer to the tour bus.

I have booked a private/independent tour where do I arrange to meet?

Only tours sold via the ship are permitted to depart from within the Port.

If you have booked a private/independent tour, you will need to exit the Port by shuttle bus to meet your tour operator outside of the port secure zone. There is no pedestrian access at the Port. 

The shuttle bus will transfer you from the wharf to the Passenger Drop-off Area.

You are responsible for arranging your tour meeting point with your tour operator and to ensure you return to the ship on time.

What can I find around the Passenger Drop-off Area?

The Passenger Drop-off Area is located in Geraldton’s CBD. There are many restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars and shopping precincts nearby.

Geraldton Cruise Ship Meet and Greet Volunteers will be present for all arrivals and on hand to provide you with any local information you may need.

There will be a visitor information mobile van manned by the Geraldton Visitor Centre staff to provide visitor information/maps and assist in tour and taxi bookings.

For ships with over 600 passengers, there will be a Welcome Hub set up with a small market, shade domes and furniture for passengers to enjoy.

Where can I find the Visitor Centre?

There will be a visitor information mobile van manned by the Geraldton Visitor Centre staff at the Passenger Drop-off Area to provide visitor information/maps and assist in tour and taxi bookings.

Alternatively, the permanent home of the Geraldton Visitor Centre is located at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery (24 Chapman Road, Geraldton, 6530) and can provide more visitor information/maps about the region.  This is about an 850m walk from the Passenger Drop-off Area.

Taxis & ride-share

Limited taxis are available. Taxis can be booked at the visitor information mobile van located near the Passenger Drop-off Area, or at the Geraldton Visitor Centre.

Geraldton does not have a ride-share (Uber) service.

Are the shuttle buses wheelchair accessible?

The shuttle buses have a drop-down ramp for wheelchair access.

For safety reasons port staff and volunteers are unable to assist with shuttle bus entry/exit.

Please arrange assistance with the ship if you will require it.

Is the Geraldton CBD access-friendly?

Yes.  Geraldton is very access friendly.  Some shops may have a step, but most don’t.  The Foreshore has been designed with access in mind and is easy to navigate.

What weather can I expect in Geraldton?

Geraldton enjoys a Mediterranean climate. In winter the temperature averages around 20C and 33C in summer.

Geraldton is known for its sunny days, so don’t forget to wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, and bring a water bottle.

Geraldton is also known for its wind.  Consider flowing dresses or skirts which may lift in the wind and wear a firm-fitting hat or one with a strap.

Can my family and friends come to see me off on my cruise?

Family and friends are welcome to share in your excitement.  They are unable to go within the secure port area; however, there is a great viewing platform at the end of The Esplanade from where they can wave to you.

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