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Culinary Delights

9964 1619
3,219 foreshore drive Geraldton 6530 WA 6530
6530 3,219 foreshore drive Geraldton 6530 Western Australia 6530

Skeetas Restaurant is Geraldton’s premier waterfront dining experience. Situated on the Batavia Marina, Skeetas – a local family owned restaurant - has the pleasure of serving exceptional fresh local seafood including Western Rock Lobster amongst other trending cuisines for more than 27 years.

Beyond the excellent food, Skeetas is the only restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the in-betweens as our kitchen is busy from 6.30am until 9.30pm. So you can enjoy it all; coffee & cake, tapas, meals or cocktails all day every day.

Our passion for fine food and great service continue through hands-on family involvement in all aspects of the business. We strive to provide the best, most unique dining experience in the Mid-West to locals and tourists alike.

Skeetas is an Accredited Tourism Business, China Ready & Accredited, holds a 5 Star Food Safety Accreditation and won 2018 Mid West Business of the Year Award.
So, when in Geraldton be sure to enjoy the best a dining experience and soak up the most exquisite waterfront atmosphere Geraldton has to offer.