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Corner of Brand Highway and McCartney Road Greenough Australia Western Australia 6532
PO Box 2491 Geraldton Australia Western Australia 6530

Central Greenough provides an example of colonial expansion in the mid-nineteenth century. It was initially developed as the local administrative centre, housing the churches, schools, stores, government and law enforcement offices necessary to service the surrounding farms.

During the 1860s Greenough became a thriving agricultural area but the threat of rust on the wheat crops combined with drought, flood and poor prices for agricultural products led to the area’s decline. The population of the Greenough Flats dropped dramatically in the first half of the twentieth century and many of its buildings fell into disrepair.

Stop by Central Greenough and soak up the stories on your next drive through Geraldton. Start your visit at the Central Greenough Café where your general admission to the place gives you a remarkable insight into the rich heritage of the historic settlement.

Opening Hours:
Open: Daily 10am to 3pm (last entry at 2pm)
Closed Good Friday