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9920 5350
100 East Terrace Nanson Australia Western Australia 6532
PO Box 3355 Bluff Point Australia Western Australia 6530

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Australia Day Award:
The Chapman Valley Historical Society was awarded the Shire of Chapman Valley Group Award on Australia Day 2018.

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Contact Name: Warren
9920 5350

The Chapman Valley Historical Society museum focuses on the lives of early settlers in the region.
The Upper Chapman Road Board building at Nanson was advertised to be demolished, however, after much public outcry from residents, a meeting was called and from this meeting, the Chapman Valley Historical Society was formed in 1982. Several years later the group made the decision to develop a museum. A farm shed was donated and farm machinery from throughout the Chapman Valley District was collected. To increase the museum's appeal, the society developed a timeline of the local history using photos and historical information. The museum now houses family histories, photos of pioneers, wedding photos, newspaper clippings, farming implements, household items and district memorabilia.