Our Wildflowers

There are more than 12,000 species of wildflowers in WA, making our state home to the world’s largest collection of wildflowers. In fact, 60% of Western Australian wildflowers are found nowhere else on Earth!

Geraldton and the Midwest region is in the heart of wildflower country, making it perfect launchpad to explore these breathtaking fields of colour.

When can I see the wildflowers?

Wildflower season is usually between late July to early October.

The Western Australia Visitor Centre Information Centre offers information on the season and where to find them.

Where can I see the wildflowers?

There are a number of places you can see wildflowers in and around Geraldton:

Chapman River Regional Park

In the heart of Geraldton lies the Chapman River Regional Park with its vast array of flowering plants, bird and animal life. There are over 300 species of native plants throughout the Chapman River Regional Park, some that aren't found anywhere else. There are also over 120 recorded bird species plus 22 reptile and seven frog species. Kangaroos and echidnas also make the park their home.

Mills Point Lookout

Seven kilometres east of the North West Coastal Highway is the Mills Point Lookout that offers spectacular views across the Chapman Valley to the east and Geraldton to the west.

An abundance of wildflower species can be seen during the season including Damperia, Grevillea pinaster, Hibbertia and Melalueca.


Mullewa, located 100km east of Geraldton, comes alive in winter and spring and you can often see carpets of wildflowers grace the town’s surrounds. The region is also home to the rare wreath flower – a spectacular species and beautiful to see! Held at the end of August of each year, the Mullewa Wildflower Show is a highlight on Mullewa’s calendar, attracting visitors from around the world to see a fantastic display of the Midwest’s wildflowers.

The Mullewa Wildflower Walk is a picturesque 2,820 metre circuit through bush land renowned for its stunning wildflower displays. This easy to follow trail starts and finishes on Lovers Lane, opposite the caravan park and takes between 40 and 70 minutes to complete.

Coalseam Conservation Park

Located 100 kilometres south of Mullewa, Coalseam Conservation Park is renowned for its carpets of pink, white and yellow everlastings. Whole fields become blanketed in colour when these flowers are in bloom.

The park boasts a stunning collection of flowers including Everlastings, Banksias, Hakeas and Grevilleas along with a diverse range of wildlife that lives in the park including kangaroos, emus, echidnas, eagles and cockatoos. Coalseam is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

Whilst at the Coalseam Conservation Park, you can explore the site of Western Australia's first coal mine, view fossilised marine life in the riverbanks and take a walk along one of many walking trails.

Camping is available at two designated sites within the park. Camping fees apply. Please note drinking water is not available so bring plenty with you. Entry to the park is free.

How can I see the wildflowers?

Geraldton is the perfect place to begin your wildflower adventure with the Geraldton Visitor Centre able to provide all the information you need.

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, Geraldton enjoys glorious mild winter days making it ideal for exploring all things wildflower including the beautiful Geraldton Wax.

You can base yourself in Geraldton, with a number of accommodation options to choose from, or you can set off from Geraldton on a self-drive wildflower trail, exploring some of Mother Nature’s most dazzling work at your leisure.

Plan your wildflower adventure at the Geraldton Visitor Centre

The Geraldton Visitor Centre is the place to go for those seeking the ultimate wildflower experience.

A seasonal wildflower display in the centre offers brochures, souvenirs, seedlings, gifts and wildflower reports.

Friendly staff are eager to assist and visitors are encouraged to share their wildflower experience in the Wildflower Book.

The Geraldton Visitor Centre also offers tour and accommodation bookings, visitor guides, and weekend activity information as well as a beautiful range of gifts, books and souvenirs.

Visit the Geraldton Visitor Centre and discover Geraldton and its amazing wildflower season!

For more information about wildflowers in the region, visit Wildflower Country's website.

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