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Published on Thursday, 15 October 2020 at 10:49:50 AM

Located 60km off the Geraldton coast, the Houtman Abrolhos Islands comprise of an archipelago of 122 coral islands with crystal blue waters and an adundance of sea life.

The Batavia 

One of WA's most well-known and tragic stories, the Batavia was shipwrecked on Morning Reef in the Abrolhos Island's Wallabi Group in 1629. Commander Francisco Pelsaert and select crew set off in the ship's longboat to seek help and those left endured one of the most horrific mutinies in history. The site is a must see when at the Islands.


According to the Australian National Shipwreck database, there are 52 shipwrecks recorded off the Abrolhos Islands from the sailing vessel Batavia in 1629 to the Southern Cross trawler in 1971. Check some of them out from the air, or even dive on some of the sites. 

Snorkel or dive 

The perfect way to get up close and personal with some of the most unique ecosystems in the world! Coral reefs, sea life and the warm waters of the Leeuwin Current make make for pleasant snorkelling and diving. The Batavia Shipwreck lies in shallow waters and is the #1 dive spot in WA. 


The beauty and uniqueness of the pearls cultivated from the Houtman Abrolhos Islands attract people from all over. From the Akoya to the Black Lipped Pearl and a variety of colours in between. When you're back, check out some local Geraldton retailers and learn more about how the unique pieces are weaved into beautiful jewellery. 


The waters around the Islands are an important breeding site for the Western Rock Lobster. Why not see how it's done and pull a pot to catch your own with one of our local charter companies or learn more about it with Geraldton Fishermen's Co-Operative Live Lobster Tour. Don't forget to head to a local restaurant and try some for yourself. 


One of the best places to drop a line, you'll definitely reel in a catch here! Recreational fishing is permitted around the Islands within allocated seasons. For regulations and licenses please contact the Department of Fisheries. 


Home to an abundance of wildlife, you'll find several species of mammals, birds, reptiles, flora and sea life! The Islands are an important breeding ground for many sea birds and there are 26 terrestrial species for reptiles. There is also an abundance of sea life including coral, seagrasses and friendly mammals such as the much-loved sea lions. You'll also spot over 140 protected native flora species. 


What better way to take in the views of the Abrolhos Islands than in the air! Keep your eye out for cargo boats, fishing vessels, sharks and whales migrating (seasonal). Make your way over to the Islands before landing on East Wallabi and flying over the Batavia Shipwreck site. 


What better way to relax and take in the Islands than on a charter boat! From day trips, nature tours, overnight fishing trips, through to a nine-day discovery tour, there is something for everyone. 

Abrolhos Islands Ferry

The Abrolhos Adventures fast ferry gets you to the Islands in just under 1.5 hours, enjoy the day on the Islands and be back on the mainland by 5pm.

Tour operators

Abrolhos Adventures 

📱 0448 089 707



📱 0499 939 300


Batavia Sea Safaris 

📱 0429 381 581


Eco Abrolhos 

📱 08 9964 5101


Geraldton Air Charter 

📱 08 9923 3434


Offshore Charters 

📱 0428 531 231


Shine Aviation 

📱 08 9923 3600


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