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Published on Wednesday, 14 October 2020 at 8:57:41 AM

The Coral Coast region is renowned for carpets of Everlastings, delicate Orchids and unique flowers such as the Wreath Leschenaultia. Our wildflower towns also brim with charm and history.

Indian Ocean Drive

The Indian Ocean Drive winds its way along the Turquoise Coast towns of Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Green Head and Leeman to Dongara/Port Denison. This scenic drive is popular year-round, and bursts into colour during wildflower season.

Nambung National Park

Made up of over 17,000 hectares of coastal heathland, Nambung National Park is home to a variety of native plants and animals, and the famous Pinnacles Desert. Wildflowers found here include Wattles, Quandong, Yellowtail Flower, Thick-leaved Fan Flower, White Clematis, Cockies Tongues, Parrot Bush and Banksia species. Flowers typically bloom during late winter and early spring.

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Lesueur National Park

One of the most diverse and rich floral areas in the world, Lesueur National Park is home to over 900 species of flora and represents approximately 10% of Western Australia’s
known flora. Wildflowers found here include Pine Banksia, Yellow Acacia, Red Cats Claws, various Hakea, One-sided Bottlebrush, Scarlet Feather Flower, Netbush, Hibbertia, Daviesia Divaricate and Dryandra.

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Badgingarra to Eneabba 

Travel north from Perth along the Brand Highway through Badgingarra to Eneabba to discover diverse bushland which comes ablaze with brilliant wildflowers.

Badgingarra National Park

Discover the Rose of the West (Eucalyptus macrocarpa) and various Banksia. The 3.5km, two hour (approximate) Badgingarra Nature Trail departs from and returns to the Badgingarra Road House on the Brand Highway, and is a brilliant walk in spring as the bushland bursts into colour.

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Coolimba-Eneabba Road

Stop in rest areas to safely find Purple Star Flowers, Basal Rosette, Beautiful Bud and various Orchids that bloom along this road.

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Western Flora Caravan Park

Found on the Brand Highway in Arrowsmith, just north of Eneabba, the Park is a hotspot for Orchids including Bluebeard, Donkey, Greenhood, Snail, Shell and Arrowsmith Pansy Orchids plus more. Free wildflower tours in the Park start 1 August.

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Coorow to Mullewa

The aptly named ‘Everlasting Wildflower Trail’ through Western Australia’s Wildflower Country is usually in full bloom late-August. The charming country towns which run along the Midlands Road are brimming with character and history.


Small Wreath flowers bloom on Williams Road, off the Coorow-Latham Road. Walk or drive along the spectacular Coorow Farm Wildflower Trail to see Everlastings, Wattle, Eucalypt, Orchids and Blue Leschenaultia.

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Another area rich with wildflowers, particularly Everlastings.

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Three Springs

Everlastings show their face along the Midlands Road between Three Springs and Carnamah. West of Three Springs, a variety of Orchids and Pea Flowers bloom at Dookanooka
Reserve and the nearby town of Arrino.

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Depot Hill, Mingenew

An easy five minute drive from Mingenew town, enjoy beautiful walks through the countryside. Look out for blossoming Orchids and Everlastings.

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Mingenew Hill

Soak up breathtaking views from the top of the Hill. An Orchid and Everlasting hotspot.

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Coalseam Conservation Park

Located between Mingenew and Mullewa, Coalseam Conservation Park is famous for its colourful carpets of Everlastings. Also look out for Pink Fairy Orchids.

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Mullewa Walk Trails

Discover a variety of Orchids, Eremophilas, Wattles and Hakeas.

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Geraldton and surrounds

Geraldton and the Midwest region is in the heart of Wildflower Country, with the towns and areas here steeped with charm and history. Dedicated wildflower tours depart from Geraldton.


Inland from Geraldton, Pindar is famous for the Wreath Leschenaultia. Wreath flowers bloom along the Pindar-Beringarra Road.

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Chapman Valley

An array of wildflowers bloom in Chapman Valley, just north of Geraldton, including Sundrews, White Hakea, Dryandra and Grevillea. Over 300 species of native plants are
found in the Chapman River Park, including Blue Beard Orchid, Lemon Scented Sun Orchid, Hairy-Stemmed Snail Orchid, Spider Orchid, Feather Dryandra, Hibbertia, Leschenaultia, and Pink Hakea.

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Kalbarri National Park 

During springtime, hundreds of wildflower species progressively burst into bloom. Many are endemic to the region, including the Kalbarri Spider Orchid. Discover flowers at the National Park’s inland gorges and along the striking coastal cliffs. Don’t miss the park’s spectacular new Skywalk!

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Coastal Cliffs

Discover flowers like Murchison Rose, Murchison Magic/Tarbush and Orchids along Kalbarri’s Coastal Cliffs. Keep to the designated walk trails or lookouts along the Cliffs, and keep your eyes peeled for migrating humpback whales off the coastline.

Inland Gorges

Explore the beauty of Kalbarri National Park’s inland gorges and iconic sights such as Nature’s Window, Z-Bend Lookout and the new Skywalk, and see fl owers such as Cowslips,
Bluebeard and Greenhood Orchids, Bird-beak Hakea, Banksia Borealis, Dampiera Lindleyi, Grevillea Intricata and Spiny Synaphea.

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